Table is set…

I can’t wait for light the candles!!!


Caunt down

3 days until Halloween!!!

I can’t believe I have not finished our decorating jet! 

This is what we have done tonight…

A sign for warning people or witches 👌

And som more ”hands”

And some web…

I have bought a special pencil for drawing on glass, so much fun. (Perfect for a person that needs to wear glasses to their Halloween costume 👻)

Now we’re getting ready one more bat at the window 

Would be great!

And some other stuff, you will see…

Have a great day and soon it’s two days 😍👌🎃😘

Sorry for not being able to chair more about Halloween 

But I think I have been busy doing nothing at all 😂

My days here are full of great things to do

But here is a great Halloween DIY that Klara and I did the other day…

It was so easy and fun to do! This maybe not looks so great but try it!!

We took just a white paper and draw and cut around it. 

Then just folded the fingers 

I hope you will try and please let us know how it turned out!


Safety first 

I have bought a new look for the door 🚪 

I don’t know if the old one was good enough for Halloween 👻 

And this sign must also be handy for the season 🎃

We are getting there!!!

It was not so easy so I’m glad I got some help!💕

Perfect isn’t it?!


Reddy steady go 

Remember that I have plans to make a big spider net?!

Today I was ready…

The yarn is perfect I think, silver sparkles ✨ 

But I’m afraid that that’s the only thing perfect to this project😂

Because I have no secrets to you I will show you how it looks like now after all the time at debate (Trumph -Clinton)

At least I tryed so now I know that this is to difficult for me!

We will have a great Halloween anyhow don’t you think?!


Time for bed over here so good night ❤️